Designs that are inspired by innovative artists

At A.S.98, we are a team of artists, designers, creators, craftsmen and women, each with a unique personality that contributes to our one-of-a-kind fashion. Our inspiration is transformed into designs that surpass mere footwear and become wearable works of art.

In a world of diluted trends, we stand alone in what we do

The A.S.98 ethos cannot be learned in school; it is inherent to who we are and is reflected in our designs. It fuels our passion and is infused into every shoe we create, imbuing those who wear them with qualities such as dynamism, boldness, creativity, confidence, and authenticity. We celebrate the imperfections and raw edges that make us each a genuine original, recognizing that there is no single authority on what's cool except for you.

Handcrafted Italian Leathers

Our fine leathers are hand-treated in Italy's historic tanneries, revealing unique textures. These leathers are the perfect canvas for A.S.98's signature techniques, combined with metal details for an innovative style.